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Stewart Ogilby's Personal Web Page

The year I entered high-school my parents moved from New York City and bought a farm in Hudson, Ohio where I graduated from high-school. Holding a "draft card" as the Korean War escalated, I joined the "weekend warrior" training program at nearby Akron, Ohio's Naval Air Station and have fond memories of flying in propeller-driven Naval aircraft before attending Ohio State University and earning a B.S. degree. I enrolled in its graduate school with the intent of pursuing an academic career and was fortunate to secure a graduate teaching position. After teaching underclass students for three academic quarters, I realized that an academic career would involve years of teaching and I decided to seek a corporate career instead.

By 40 years old, I was the general sales manager for a division of a publicly-listed (NASDAQ) corporation. After working with corporations for 16 years I decided to work for myself and to develop a socially constructive career. I have been in real estate and insurance businesses. My first venture, a Century21 real-estate franchise, proved highly successful as I moved my agency to its region's top in all categories: listings, sales, recruiting, and profit. I changed to the insurance area after having read several books exposing the U.S. life insurance industry. Before the personal computer age I programmed the TI-59 calculator in order to illustrate, with its attached thermal printer, accountable life-insurance policy analyses. I then recruited and trained a marketing organization to help working individuals make better financial decisions for themselves and their families. While building this business I wrote Financial Recovery which I marketed as a consumer-oriented trade-book. When the book received favorable reviews thousands of copies were bought by agents and agencies nationally. Its fundamental concept involved using term life-insurance to increase protection and placing the money formerly paid to corporations in over-charges into flexible-premium deferred annuities, establishing personal IRA accounts for working men and women.

I was recruited by two brilliant men who had introduced the marketing of mutual funds to the American public, the former president and former board-chairman of the national brokerage firm of Waddell & Reed. As marketing director with their Denver-based firm, Multi-Financial Corporation, I worked as managing general agent with several progressive companies for which they helped design products that my increasingly large team of agents presented with the software that I had written. We also marketed selected tax-shelter investments for higher net-worth clients .

The sun-drenched Florida climate has treated me well and, having lived considerably longer than my family predecessors, I share my experience and thoughts about financial retirement planning with others who come to Florida hoping for long healthy and financially sound retirements. I have placed online a few of my own articles pertaining to retirement planning. Included is basic information about revocable living trusts, annuities, and the important sequence-of-returns issue.

Since moving to Sarasota, Florida in 1986 I have been on the faculty advisory committee of Manatee Technical Instutute, a member of the Citizens Advisory Committee of WSLR Radio, a long-time member of Manasota Mensa, and a member of the Sarasota Sailing Squadron. I enjoy meeting new people and value my Florida friends. I miss former friends and family members who have departed life, especially my brother and a special lady.

I taught myself DOS shortly before Microsoft's Windows arrived and I created on Compuserve an online community of over 4,000 persons in more than 50 countries, the first of what has been come to be called "social networking" sites. I build a website in 1995 that remained in the world's top 10% online for five years. After appearing in Newsweek the site, supported by The American Library Association in its publication, Knowledge Quest, was used in the computers of progressive schools nationally. For ten years I wrote periodically as a featured columnist for before my 34 columns, bio, and photo were censored and removed by unknown authority in 2017. I've re-published half a dozen of those 34 column on a separate website, Big Eye Blog

In additionally to working out physically, a hugely enjoyable interest of mine continues to be reading non-fiction. I have recently read books by several researchers including: Robert Bauval, Dr. Robert Schoch PhD, John Anthony West, Christopher Dunn and, particularly, a 1978 book The Pyramid Odyssey by Wm. R. Fix. I have read that it took dozens of centuries for the Giza Plateau's lush tropical environment to become the dry desert of today. I don't know what to make of the narrative and image I find within an 1846 book in my own small library (also in Google Books) and that I post on this page.

Mind-boggling work by Anatoly Fomenko and his fellow Russian scholars is high on my reading list. I am also interested in recent scientific evidence indicating massive ice-age destruction on our planet, its mega-fauna, and human inhabitants. I was impressed by Graham Hancock's best-selling book, The Magicians of the Gods. It has become evident to me that Hancock, formerly a Mid-East columnist for the The Economist, is on to something when he says that we are "a species with amnesia".

There is compelling and fascinating evidence that a worldwide human civilization, the leaders of which possessed sophisticated mathematical, astronomical, technical, and geo-physical knowledge, was nearly completely obliterated by a planetary cataclysm, perhaps caused by either the impact of a fragmented comet or by "earth crust displacement" (per Charles Hapgood's research). In addition, since Sir Isaac Newton's time there is a growing body of evidence indicating that a recent worldwide civilization has been erased from today's history texts by human strategy and that as much as 1000 years added to official history chronology.

Given the respect and support that Hancock, who refers to himself as a journalist, receives from so many highly credentialed scientists, it is odd that he and others are being "officially" referred to in Wikipedia as "pseudo-scientist" along with adjectives such as "fringe" and "dubious".