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A year before I entered high-school my parents bought a farm in NE Ohio's Summit County and we moved from the New York City area. I graduated high-school in a Hudson, Ohio class of forty-seven students. In the middle of my last high-school year I asked my parents to give their permission for me to enroll in the US Naval Air Reserves "weekend warrior" O-2 training program at the Akron, Ohio Naval Air Station as a 17 year-old minor.

After spending part of the summer on active training duty, when not working on the farm I commuted several miles to Kent State University and, on weekends, to NAS Akron. The following summer my Navy Squadron VR-651 flew an east coast logistical air wing based at Norfolk, VA Naval Air Station. I have fond memories of flying at 17 - 20 years of age in these Navy propeller-driven airplanes: PBY, SNJ, SNB, TBM, and R4D.

Wishing a broad liberal arts education, I enrolled at Ohio State University and graduated with a B.S. degree from its College of Arts and Sciences. Back in those days there was a room in the Student Union devoted to classical music in which one could always find a comfortable chair even when the building was crowded and no seat could be found elsewhere. One of my most valuable college experiences was discovering how much I enjoyed classical music. I have posted elsewhere online a few favorite music videos.

After working with corporations for 16 years, despite having moved successfully into management, I decided to work for myself. I left New York City and returned to my mid-western roots. In the course of a year I built an early Century-21 real estate franchise into the S.E. Ohio region's leading office in all areas: recruiting, listings, sales, and profit. I began to study personal financial investments and it became obvious to me that accurate information was needed from other than the corporations' trained salesmen.

I studied several books on life-insurance policies, including Norman F. Dacey's What's Wrong with Your Life Insurance, G. Scott Reynolds' The Mortality Merchants, the classic Chapter #13 on life-insurance in Venita Van Caspel's Money Dynamics, and Randal A. Hendricks definitive study, "A Legal Analysis of the Sale of Life Insurance", [The Houston Law Review 810 (1969)]. I decided to recruit and train a marketing organization that would accurately inform consumers, enabling them to make financial decisions in the interest of their families rather than in those of already financially bloated corporations.

Before the personal computer age I struggled to learn how to program the TI-59 in order to provide responsible agents throughout the country a means of calculating and presenting replicable and accountable financial product analyses for their clients at the point of sale. I wrote a small trade book, Financial Recovery. When it received favorable reviews thousands of copies were bought by agents and agencies nationwide. After joining forces with two older highly successful and experienced sales executives, the men who introduced the marketing of mutual funds to the American public, I worked with progressive insurance companies for which they designed products my own company marketed.

A few of my licensed General Agents held securities registrations. After considering that sales area, and before moving to Florida in 1986 I concluded that I had no interest in selling stocks, bonds, and what a bright friend of mine referred to as "funny funds". P & L objectives of financial corporations constitute a conflict of interest with savings and retirement interests of working men and women.

Within a couple of years of coming to Florida as a snowbird in 1986 I became a permanent Sarasota resident. When the personal computer and internet came along I created the first "social networking" group in 1995 and enrolled over 4,000 members in 50 countries. It was too early for most people to understand or to appreciate its unique privacy feature. Today it remains online at and continues to get many members, most of whom remain anonymous and never seen. Their own online friends are seen mutually only and profiles are hidden, although searchable by keyword. I wrote what may have been the first online blog at my 1995 website.

I began an online marketing venture, Creative Online Marketing (COM), LLC to produce steady personal passive income. A strong proponent of "the green energy revolution", I recently launched a website pertaining to residential solar electric power. Throughout the world the day has come for solar electricity in homes and businesses and Florida happens to be the Sunshine State.

I have lead a semi-retired lifestyle in Sarasota for more than 30 years. My office, located in the Sarasota Executive Suites is now home to Wisebird Financial Group (if interested, click below).

As a fiduciary, I have written articles that address safeguarding assets. Fiduciaries are not compensated through sales commissions of securities. They have what is technically and legally termed a FIDUCIARY relationship with clients and prospective clients. If you haven't watched this before, learn: The Difference Between a Broker and a FIDUCIARY

I have been curious about financial and socio-economic subjects and have taken time to investigate apparent contradictions in the broader picture officially presented. While doing this I wrote and published online a number of short articles which have been removed from the internet without my permission. If you are interested in reading a few that I recently published in a separate website,, click the link below:

I miss family and friends who have departed life, especially my brother and a special lady. I greatly enjoy meeting new people and value friends made in Sarasota. I have been on the faculty advisory committee of Manatee Technical Instutute, a member of the Citizens Advisory Committee of WSLR Radio, a long-time member of Manasota Mensa, an active member of the Sarasota Sailing Squadron, and am a Founding and Sustaining member of WSMR, our community's outstanding classical music radio station that can be listened to anywhere in the world by clicking here.